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Promises made. Promises kept.
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Research indicates that untreated trauma and bereavement in children are associated with problematic long-term outcomes, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress syndrome, suicide risk, school drop-out and violent behavior.

The Traumatic Stress and Resilience Program at Texas Children’s Hospital is there to help children begin the process of recovering because our commitment to providing the very best medical care for the patients we serve includes addressing not only their physical needs, but also their emotional and mental health needs. Texas Children's Traumatic Stress and Resilience Program is an integral part of that commitment, and the outpouring of support for this program has been phenomenal.

Promises made.

The primary purpose of the Traumatic Stress and Resilience Program is to raise the standard of care and increase access to best-practice care among traumatized and bereaved children, adolescents, and their families.

  • Expand care beyond the Texas Children's Main Campus clinic into the community.
  • Partner with the local community to provide support during traumatic events.

Promises kept.

Generous funding through the campaign has allowed for the development of the Traumatic Stress and Resilience Program.

  • The center’s growth has included expansion into the community to help children and families through schools, mobile clinics and primary care pediatric offices.
  • The Traumatic Stress and Resilience Program also partners with the Gulf Coast Center and others in the community to support the Santa Fe Strong Resiliency Center, which was created in the aftermath of the Santa Fe school shooting to provide mental health services to those impacted by this tragedy.
  • In addition, the Traumatic Stress and Resilience Program launched the Harvey Resiliency and Recovery Program, dedicated to serving the needs of the many children and families adversely affected by the storm and its aftermath.

To learn more about Promise: The Campaign for Texas Children's Hospital  download the full Impact Report.

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