Kangaroo Crew to the Rescue

A serious scare resulted in an emergency transport and 10 days at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Bennett Rhymes was diagnosed with asthma when he was still a baby. To make matters worse, common colds and minor coughs frequently turned into full-blown pneumonia.

During his first year of life, he was hospitalized three times. Just before his first birthday, Bennett contracted adenoviral pneumonia, a very dangerous and often fatal disease. His parents feared he was in grave danger as he struggled to breathe.

Wasting no time, they rushed Bennett to the hospital. Upon arrival, he was barely breathing, not moving and running a temperature of more than 104 degrees. He was immediately transported to Texas Children’s Hospital in a Kangaroo Crew ambulance.

For 10 days, an amazing team of experts watched over Bennett. Thanks to them, he made it through the ordeal with no long-term ill effects.

Now a happy, healthy 10-year-old, Bennett receives follow-up care at Texas Children’s Health Center in The Woodlands.


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