Blood & Organ Donation

Give the Precious Gift of Life

Organ donation 
The decision to give the precious gift of life through organ and tissue donation is sometimes born of tragedy. However, hope can be found amid a difficult time.

Just one organ and tissue donor can provide seven life-saving organs and quality-enhancing tissues for another 50 persons. Organs include heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas and intestines. Tissues include bone, skin, corneas, veins and heart valves.

LifeGift Organ Donation Center collaborates with Texas Children's Hospital, and other hospitals in a 109-county area of Texas. To learn more about becoming an organ and tissue donor, visit the LifeGift web site now:

Blood donation
Almost every patient at Texas Children’s – from the tiniest premature infants to teenagers – requires blood. Transfusions are often life-saving for these children, and Texas Children’s performs more than 10,000 blood transfusions a year. Supplies of blood and plasma are provided to the hospital by the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

You may donate blood or plasma at one of 13 neighborhood centers in the Houston area, or arrange or attend a mobile blood drive at your workplace or place of worship.

To learn more, visit the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center web site now: