Ambassadors Members

Texas Children's wishes to acknowledge the following Ambassador Members:

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Christina Sacco
Julie Sacco
Erin and Collin Salisburu
Karen and Rob Saltiel
Jamie and Marc Samuelson
Jacob Saour
Gina and Saib Saour
Linda and Frank Saputo
Stephanie and Brian Sauer
Melanie and Danny Savitz
Leslie and Anthony Scattone
Laurie and Matt Schaub
Tommy Schechtman
Joan Schnitzer Levy
Aimee and Stephen Schultheis
Suzette and Gordon Schutze
Denise and Edward Scibek
Philip Scioli
Judy and Thomas Seay
Serpe, Jones, Andrews, Callender & Bell, PLLC
Sabeen Ahsan and Ahsan Shabbir
Judy and Bobby Shackouls
Julie and David Shannon
Lou and Marvin Shapiro
Adelle and LeRoy Shaw
Heather and Ash Shepherd
Holly and Max Shilstone
Gail and John Siegel
Ellen Simmons
Carol-Sidney and Houston Simmons
Judy and Chris Simon
Deborah and Terry Simon
Callie and John Simons
Shirley Sirota
Louis H. Skidmore, Jr.
Len D. Slusser
Marcia and Brig Smart
Smile Artist Dentistry PLLC
Kelly and Bruce Smith
Cynthia Smith
Deborah Smith
Stephanie and Gavin Smith
Babs and Ed Smith
Kathryn and Jeff Smith
Mary and Harry Smith
Jonathan and Mary Smith
Susan L. Smith
Taryn and Fletch Smith
Susie and Tommy Smith
Sarah and Gregg Snyder
Ms. Rosanna M. Solano
Shelley and Chris Solcher
Andrea and Michael Soper
Paige and Tom Speck
JJ and Gerry Spedale
Dr. Stanley and Helen Spinner
Teri Lynn Sponseller
Lois and George Stark
Virginia and Dan Steppe
Holly and Kelvyn Stirk
Lisa and David Stone
Suzette and Leo Stone
Lindsay and Trent Stout
Nancy and Fred Stow
Cindy Stowell
Vera and Frank Stowell
Frank Stowell
Hillary and Stan Stratton
Roxanne and Mike Strobel
Melinda and Sam Stubbs
Jill and John Sudduth
Laura and Thomas Suffield
Amelia and Christopher Suffron
Jeanne-Mey Sun
Alexis Kyle Suttles
Judith and Frank Swanson
Melissa and Robert Swanson
Louise and Stephen Sweet
Jenny and Steve Swinson
Ryan and Natalie Synnott
Amber and Edwin Tabora
Vonda and Steven Tackett
Roya and Massoud Taghdisi
Hasti Taghi
Mr. Nahid Taheri
Sherry and Ardeshir Tajvari
Jan and Charlie Talbert
Betty and Danny Taylor
Jane DiPaolo and Jim Teague
Kim and Michael Teel
Jennifer and Tadd Tellepsen
Andrea and Trent Tellepsen
L. D. Blackwell
The Crump Foundation
The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show
The Saunders Foundation
Kelly and Jeff Thibault
Candace and Brian Thomas
Candyce and Claud Thomas
Patricia Allred Thomas
Bette and Ralph Thomas
Elizabeth Tobin and Robert Priske
Jackie and Jay Tobin
Loretta and Michael Towne
Katherine and Jason Tramonte
Emma and James Tramuto
Tamara and Carl Tricoli
Dianne and Ellis Tudzin
Marybeth and Steve Twellman
Sarah and Duncan Underwood
Paula and Don Unroe
Ann and Richard Vaughan
Bonnie and Shel Vedlitz
Maggie and Rob Vermillion
James Versalovic
Sherry and Jim Vetter
Helen Viereck
Kristin and Shawn Vigeant
Julia and Bruce Vincent
Judith and donald W. Vinson
Rachael and Jason Volz
Stacey and Robinson Vu
Jane and Larry Wagner
Elizabeth and Jeffrey Walker
Claudia and David Walkup
Mollie and Kent Wallace
Meggan and Jim Walsh
Kate and Logan Walters
Bryn and Jim Bob Ward
Carol and John Warley
Kathy Watkins
Jennifer and Larry Watson
Sharon and John H. Webb
Janna and David Webber
Nevine and Aaron Webster
Misty and Christopher Weihs
Marcy Taub and Thomas F. Wessel
John Wessels
Dr. David and Jill Wesson
Laura and Seth Wexler
Terry Whaley
Laura and Bill Wheless
Tracy and Bryan Whipple
Kristi and Rex Whiteside
Megan Whitlock
J. Adam Wilcox
Julia and Carl Williams
Connie and Raleigh Williamson
Stephanie and Gerry Willinger
Julie and Brent Willson
Marsherria and Gerald Wilson
Marion and Jackson Wilson
Elizabeth and Jim Wilson
Susan and Joe Winkler
Ann Winters
Jane and Ralph Wiseman
The Wizel Family
Beth and James Woldert
Beth Wolff
Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff
Morna and Bernie Wolford
Mary and Matthew Wong
Deana and Clark Wood
Jessica and Jeff Wood
Leewood and Tom Woodell
Ashley Leeds and Gary Woods
Jennifer and Samuel Yager
Barbara Young
Kelley and Donald Young
Elena and John Young
Carolyn and John Young
Melinda and Jon W. Young
Margaret and Mike Young
Randall Zarin
Tricia and Lee Zieben
Roula Zoghbi

List updated as of January 27, 2014.  To make any updates or corrections to this list, please call 832-824-6900 or email