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Thank You!! 
We are so grateful for the tremendous amount of support we have received for this fundraiser!  Thanks to your generosity, we have raised almost twice the amount of our original goal of $10,000!  We have increased our goal to $25,000 in hopes of being able to purchase 5 new fun centers for our patients.  We will purchase as many fun centers as our fundraising total will afford, so please continue to spread the word!  On behalf of our patients, we extend our deepest thanks.

Kids count down the days until summer. For most, it is a time of fun and play, laughter and smiles. For children being treated at Texas Children’s Hospital, these moments can be harder to come by.

But they don’t have to be—you can help.

Texas Children's Child Life Department helps kids by using play to reduce the stress and anxiety of medical treatments. Every day, some of our patients nervously await surgery, are restless during a long treatment or feel lonely in their rooms.  Starlight Fun Center™ mobile entertainment units provide an exciting distraction to help them cope.
Erin, a member of the Child Life team, explains how Fun Centers benefit the patients at Texas Children's. 

These units, designed specifically for kids in a hospital environment, include an LCD television, DVD player and Nintendo Wii™ gaming system fully loaded with games—all on wheels! The units can be moved to areas of the hospital where children may be immobile and unable to experience other forms of entertainment.
Kids love these games and because of their popularity, many of our patients are left waiting for their turn to play.  Please help us reach our new goal by donating today and sharing this cause with family and friends. Together we can provide some gaming fun for some well-deserving kids.

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