Tribute Personal Pages

How can you honor and remember the significant people and events in your life?

Make a tribute gift to Texas Children's Hospital in honor of someone special, in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving for a child’s recovery, in celebration of a birth, birthday, anniversary or other special occasion—it’s a wonderful way to recognize and commemorate the people and events in your life that are most important and to support a very worthy cause.

With our tribute personal pages, you can create a specific and unique giving site online where friends and family can join you in supporting the hospital in honor of the people or event you designate.

Tribute personal pages let you:

  • Customize a Web page for a loved one or special occasion—you can even include photos;
  • Create a dedicated donation form for the tribute;
  • Send email to friends and family to announce your page and encourage their participation.

To begin, visit the Create Your Personal Page link on the left and follow the steps.

If you have questions, please email and we will be glad to assist you.