All We Needed to Keep Her Safe

Even before she was born, Verity's parents were preparing for life with a wheelchair and possibly a feeding tube. Learn what their life is like today.

“Mama!” was the sound Verity Vonberg’s mom, Morgan, had been waiting to hear for 21 long months. “It was the best sound I’ve ever heard,” she said. “I felt overwhelming joy mixed with a feeling of relief.”

Relief because, even before Verity’s birth at just 4 pounds, doctors had told Morgan and her husband not to expect their daughter to be able to walk or talk. “We had prepared ourselves for life with a wheelchair and possibly a feeding tube,” Morgan said.

Verity’s parents have faced a host of frightening diagnoses, from hypertonia (floppy baby syndrome) to Von Willebrand disease, a blood disorder that impedes clotting.

It’s been an uphill battle, with feeding difficulties, speech and motor delays, and painful gastrointestinal issues. At 12 months old, Verity was still wearing clothing sized for a three-month-old baby.

Verity Vonberg and her mother, Morgan
Verity Vonberg and her mother, Morgan

“We expected a hard road, but people just don’t always understand how much of a full time job it is taking care of a child with multiple health problems. It takes a really strong team of doctors to help you with that,” Morgan said.

Thankfully, at Texas Children’s Hospital, Verity and her family found that team and that strength. It’s the kind of care every parent prays for, and it’s your generous support that makes this care possible for the children and families who need it most.

Physical therapy, hematology, speech therapy, orthopedics, radiology, and nutrition the list of Texas Children’s specialty services that have changed Verity’s life goes on and on. “If all the caregivers weren’t communicating with each other, Verity wouldn’t be where she is now,” Morgan said.

The level of care, collaboration, and attention Verity receives is what makes Texas Children’s so special and so vital -- and it’s caring people like you who help make it possible.

And that level of care has opened up the world to Verity.

Her blood disorder, which makes even simple biopsies and blood draws potentially dangerous, could have limited her life in so many ways. But her hematology team prescribed her with a mobile IV kit containing Humate P, an important clotting agent that any ambulance EMT can quickly administer on the way to the hospital to prevent her from life threatening blood loss. Verity keeps it in a special pink cooler pack and always has it with her for just such emergency situations.

“They equipped us with all we need to keep her safe,” Morgan explained.

Today, Verity is running at life full tilt -- literally. Thanks to her incredible physical therapy team, she not only walks, but runs and jumps! “Every time we think something is going to be too hard, she just overcomes it with a smile,” said Morgan proudly.

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