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Critical, Surgical and Emergency Care Services

Our promise is to always care for our patients and for the people who love them.

At just 13 years old, Karla was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Her condition threatened not only her dream of graduating high school — it threatened her life. When medication did nothing to alleviate her symptoms, experts at Texas Children’s Hospital decided that surgery was her best option.

Weeks later, Karla walked across the stage at her graduation with her family cheering her on. Texas Children’s Hospital saved Karla’s life and helped turned her dream into a reality.

Texas Children’s Hospital treats the sickest children — just like Karla — with conditions so complex they simply can’t receive the world-class care they need at any other hospital. More and more families are coming to Texas Children’s for life-saving care, but we have reached a critical point in the hospital’s history.

Our facilities were built for a different time and are no longer large enough. Thirty years ago, they were state-of-the art. Equipment was smaller. But today, technology is larger and more complex, and there’s so much more of it. In addition, the number of patients who come to us for the most specialized care is growing every single day.

BOTTOM LINE: We have outgrown the space we currently have at the Texas Medical Center Campus.

These are our challenges ...

Critical Care
The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) often operate beyond capacity. Rooms that once functioned very well can no longer comfortably accommodate patients, along with the equipment they require, nor can they give families the space and privacy they need and deserve.

Surgical Care
Every year, we treat the most critically ill patients who require extremely complex surgery. We need larger operating rooms, and more of them, all equipped with the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

Emergency Care
In the last two years, visits to the Emergency Center (EC) have increased by more than 25 percent. Texas Children’s receives 50 percent of all trauma-related 911 and EMS transports.

This is our promise ...

Funds raised through the Promise Campaign will provide support for the construction of a new, 19-floor Pediatric Tower.

  • We will build new and larger PICUs and CVICUs, moving them from their current location in the West Tower, significantly increasing the total number of critical care beds available. These rooms will be specially designed and configured so that parents can stay with their child overnight and so that all necessary equipment is easily accessible for caregivers.
  • We will add more operating rooms (ORs) that are larger and more flexibly designed to accommodate patients who require the most complex procedures. These, too, will be moved from the West Tower.
  • Relocating the PICUs, CVICUs and ORs will free up space for the West Tower, where the EC is located, to completely redesign the EC so that patients can be triaged and treated more quickly and efficiently.

At Texas Children’s, we are committed to taking care of every critically ill child who comes to us for help. The time to grow and expand is now.

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