Host Committee

Kelly and Brian Adams
Emily and Davis Adams
Christina and Matthew Almy
Carolyn and David Anderson*
Julie and Seth Barrett
Taylor and Clint Bawcom
Lisa and Kolby Beich
Rebecca and Thom Brandt
Hugh and Kimberly Byrd
Allison and Mark Callender
Sarah Jane and Ross Canion
Debbie and Kent Chenevert
Kelly and Jay Cliburn
Kourtney and Andy Cyrus
Claire and David de Roode
Mary Rebecca and Cody Dick
Mr. Jean-Marc Donics
Diane and John Donovan
Leslie and Michael Fertitta*
Tom and Carrie Field
Drs. Lindsay and Will Fox
Lesli and James Gietz
Ashley and Scott Goforth
Cari and John Griggs*
Ashley and Michael Hanna
Rob and Lori Hendricks
Lizzie and Charlie Hermes
Keri and Michael Herrin
Melissa and Jason Holton
Lisa and Brad Johnson
Angela and Jody Johnston
Allison and Zach Jordan
Kristie and Kyle Kafka
Libby and Matt Kafka
Amy and Jeff Kappes
Elizabeth and Dash Kohlhausen
Geoff and Allison Leach
Cheyanne and Brandt Leibe
Blair and Bryan Loocke
Katie Lowe
Courtney and Will Lundquist
Emily and Louis Macey
Robert and Liz Mann
Devin and Ryan McCord
Ann and Frank McGuyer
Alison and Charlie Meyer
Lauren and Scott Mills
Lauren and Brad Morgan
Kellie and Dwayne Morley
Susan and Charlie Neuhaus
Maggie and John Nicholson
Rachel and John Nolan
Tobin and Heidi O'Donnell
Chelsea and Matt Pacey
Lauren and Will Page
Jett and Will Petit
Sarah and Richard Punches
Leigh Anne and John Raymond
Amy and Mike Reeves*
Jennifer and Steve Roberts
Kelley and Jeffrey Scofield
Jill and Ben Stamets
Andrea and Paul Stewart
John and Meredith Stilwell
Keegan and Phil Thompson
Courtney and Bill Toomey
Emma and James Tramuto
Laura and Chris Volke
Reed and Billy Wareing
Laura and Jamie Weaver
Haley and Barrett Webster
Helen and Philip Wright

*Denotes past chair

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