2016 Celebration of Champions Sponsors

The Cleary Family

Jan Duncan
The Mach Family

Sidney and Don Faust
Nathalie and Charles Roff
Jim and Jane Wise
Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff

Barbara Lowrie and Henry Brooks
Rosanette and Harry Cullen
John and Betty Hrncir
Jackup Structures Alliance
Mady and Ken Kades
Trinidad Mendenhall
Macy and Mayes Middleton
Sybil F. Roos
Lindy and John Rydman
Sharleen and Ron Walkoviak
Dancie and Jim Ware

Elsie and Les Eckert
Jo and Jim Furr
Diane and Harry Gendel
Mary and Tony Gracely
Susan and Dick Hansen
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
The Laurel's Army Foundation
Legacy Community Health /Chree Boydstun & Katy Caldwell
Joanna and Bradley Marks / I.W. Marks Jewelers
Judi McGee
Ed McMahon
Lisa and Mike O'Leary

Caring Friends
Nicole Alvarez
Lilly and Thurmon Andress
Kay and Gary Armer
Michael and Chelsea Bain
Lynn Baird
Matthew Baker
Shelley Barineau
Melza and Ted Barr
Scott Basinger
Melissa Batchelder
Julie Bergen
Aimee Bertrand
Ginger and Byron Bertrand
Sharon Bobbitt
Susan Boggio
Susan E. Bollich
Tamara and James Bonar
Brenda Bowman
Chree Boydstun
Kristy Bradshaw
Judy Breitenbach
Sharon Brier
Joan and Jim Brock
Doris and Cleveland Broome III
Diana and Steve Brown
Tony Burt
Andrew and Judy Cantu
Maria Cantu-Ondarza
Lisa Chandler
Derrick Chu
Debra Costello
Joel Cowley
Frank Cox
Joann Crassas
Iris Cross
Emily and Holcombe Crosswell
Kris and Stephanie Darmer
Laurie and Christopher DeClaire
Robert Dees
Mrs. C. D. Delery
Micheline Donnelly
Grace Donovan
Lawrence Dorr
Sheri Dylewski
Jenny Elkins
Katherine Evans
Jo Lynn Falgout/Island Operating Company
Nijad and Zeina Fares
Dan and Dee Faust
Tena and Tyson Faust
Charlene Floyd
Mark Folkes
Sylvia Forsythe
Patricia Fourticq
Ellie Francisco
Torch Committee: Frank and Carmen Nadolney
Leanne Franks
Krysten Funk
Betsy Garlinger
Cyndy Garza
Jaffary Getz
Gretchen Gilliam
Clare Attwell Glassell
Susan Glesby
Nancy and Richard Golden
Jane Griffin
JoAnn Grisanti
Diana Gross
Carolyn Guess
Laura and Baldemar Gutierrez
Raouf Hadad and Cecilia Hadad
Kelly Hancock
Claudine Hartland
Reda Hicks
Patrick C Holley
Robert Ivany
Matthew Kades
Rachel Kades
Christine Kanouff
Sharon and Marvin Katz
Rosanne Kaufmann
Stacey Kayem
Julie and Alan Kent
Randi and Jeff Koenig
Dodie Krakower
Linda Kuykendall
Michael Lam
Laamie Crane LLC
Callum Lawson
Alicia Lee
Deborah and Will Leighton
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Lindley
Carol Linn
Fredia Flack Lusk
Joan H. Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mach
Martha A. Adger
Karen Maley
Carolyn and Mike Mann
David and Mary Carter Marold
Billy and Christie McCartney
Dianne McDonough
Lyn McWilliam
Iris McWilliams
Parth Mehta
Amy and Chris Miller
Pamela and Scott Miller
Emily Moore
Stephanie Moreland
Scott Murray
Judy and Jim Nicklos
Anita O'Shaughnessy
Karl Oswald
Sharon and Douglas Owens
David G. Poplack, MD
Gwen and John Porea
Tim Porea
Al and Ashley Pratka
John Riley
Karen M. Rives
Warner Roberts
Regina Rogers
Denise Rosenfeld
Joshua Rouswell
Linda and Jerry Rubenstein
Joan and John Scales
Judith Seay
Molly and Jeff Shaffer
Charles Simmons
Robin Simon
Elizabeth and Alan Stein and Family
Donna and Robert Stokes
Nancy and Hans Strohmer
Anne Suman
Mary Jane DiPaolo
Archie and Pam Thompson
University of St. Thomas
Ellen Wagnon
Janet Walker
Bria Wall
Melissa and Alan Watson
Leslye Weaver
Angela White
Myra Wilson
Jeanie Kilroy Wilson
Joanne G. Wilson
Marie Wise
Sara Wise
Caleb Wiza
Daivd and Tara Wuthrich
Merele Yarborough
Kathy Zay
Lin Zhu

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